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Long Arm Services

We are happy to help you with your selections of thread, batting, backing choices and design selections. We look forward to serving you with our long arm quilting services at our Phoenix location! Upon check-in, your quilt will be numbered, labeled, hung and stored in a locked cabinet. Quilts will be completed in the order they are received.

Please call (602) 841-5427 ext 213 for an appointment to check in your quilt. Check-in is only available Monday through Friday.


Long Arm Services

  • Edge to Edge – starting at 3¢ per Sq. inch and up based on the density and complexity of the pantograph pattern done edge to edge over the total surface of the quilt. *
  • Grooming – charge $25/hour for pressing wrinkles, clipping stray threads in seams, stitching open seams, squaring backing or removing to fix and re-apply wavy borders. Min ½ hour
  • Basting – no longer available

*minimum charge is $79.99

Preparing for Quilting

Quilting Tops

  1. Press quilt top well.
  2. Remove all stray threads from seams.
  3. Stitch 1/8 inch from outer edge to ensure edge seams don’t open during loading.
  4. Remove all added embellishments (buttons, pins, etc.)
  5. Place a safety pin at the top edge of quilt top.
  6. Make sure all seams are sewn closed.
  7. Lay quilt top on a table to make sure borders and blocks lay flat.
  8. We cannot accept quilt tops with flanges, folded borders or flaps.


  1. We recommend and offer different types of batting on the roll for sale:

    Quilters Dream – cotton
    Warm & Natural
    Warm & White
    Hobbs Wool

    Note: packaged batting can be used with the understanding that wrinkles will not disappear during the quilting process. Batting should be free of packaging at check in.
  2. Batting must be at least 4 inches larger on all 4 sides than quilt top.
  3. Batting must be one piece.
  4. If excessive batting needs to be trimmed during loading, it will be returned to you at completion.


  1. Backing must be at least 4 inches larger than quilt top on all four sides.
  2. Press backing well.
  3. Corners must be square.
  4. Opposite edges must be parallel to each other.
  5. Seams must be:

    Pressed well
    Selvages Removed
    Evenly trimmed edges

    Note: We cannot accurately center a pieced or designed backing to the quilt top. Purchase ½ yard extra fabric for Wide Backing.


Mechanical - We are not responsible for mechanical failures. Longarms are mechanical devices. Although we do out utmost to assure professional results every time, occasional mechanical problems can occur and cause damage to a quilt top or backing.

Fullness - We cannot guarantee that fullness, puckers and tucks in the quilt's borders or backs will not be sewn in. In some cases, excessive fullness in borders may result in your quilt corners not being square. The flatter your quilt and its blocks lay before longarming, the better the finished results.