Laurel Burch


"My paintings are the most intimate portrayals of all that is precious to me, my greatest joy is to offer them in forms that enhance and brighten the lives of kindred spirits all around the globe" - Laurel Burch

The number of moving stories about the giving, receiving and sharing of Laurel Burch art are a reflection not only of the woman herself, but of all the collectors who are drawn by her spirit as well as her designs. Many of them know and have been deeply touched by her life story. By the mid-1980’s, the former artist and jewelry designer was the CEO of a multi-million dollar business. Forbes ran a profile of her. Every Macy’s in the country had a signature Laurel Burch store. Her designs eventually made their way into Vogue and Bazaar. The Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco also named her “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

On September 13, 2007, Laurel Burch passed away due to complications from the bone disease, osteopetrosis. She will be greatly missed, but her spirit will continue to brighten our world. Her art will forever convey a sense of joy and passion and lightness. There is an inner strength in her figures, with their bold lines and sinuous curves, and something irrepressible in the explosion of her colors. The universe of her imagination was fertile, burgeoning, uplifting, egalitarian, a place where every flower and dragonfly was transformed into something...magical and beautiful.