Judy Niemeyer


Judy Niemeyer has been designing paper pieced designs for over 20-years and is the owner of Quiltworx.com, a family-owned paper piecing design company based in Northwestern Montana. Through the use of paper, Judy has designed nearly 200 heirloom quality patterns and has developed an international teaching network of Certified Shops and Instructors to reach quilters on the local level.

Placing her name on a fabric collection has long been an interest of Judy’s, and with her daughter and Business Manager, Judel Niemeyer, she has finally made this a reality. Her approach to fabric design might surprise some as it swings away from her tendency to use batiks in her quilt designs. Her first collection, The Reclaimed West, includes screenprints designed around the comfort and warmth of Judy’s lifestyle in Northwestern Montana, having grown up on a cattle ranch. It showcases elements of Judel’s local photography overlaid with classic Quiltworx designs.  Melding these warm prints with rich, bright Batiks will be integral to Judy’s pattern and color design over the coming years. She is looking very forward to watching her customers design, create, and use her fabrics the same way they have her patterns over the years; as a way to creatively express themselves and give back to those they care about the most, through the gift of a quilt.

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