Loralie Harris

Ladies, cats, dogs, or chickens anyone?

Loralie’s colorful, friendly characters are designed to bring on a smile and stir joy in the heart!  Born and raised in California, Loralie learned to sew from her creative mother and grandmother.  In high school she began to sew for profit, making formal gowns for her friends and in college she studied costume design.  After college, she opened a tiny boutique which eventually grew into an award winning wholesale apparel company producing Loralie’s gowns for the special occasion industry.  Since their inception as a doodle on a a hotel note pad, Loralie’s fun, quirky characters have grown into a happy community spreading cheer in embroidery and fabrics around the world.

Loralie has  been a featured guest on America Sews with Sue Hausmann, Behind the Seams, and the PFAFF Webcast.  She has been a contributing writer for Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine.  Her fabrics and embroidery are sold around the world being especially popular in Japan and Scandinavia.

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