• Artistic Quilter

Artistic Quilter

Artistic Quilter

The Artistic Quilter18 offers quilters of all levels a feature-rich machine at an affordable price. Experts and professionals will appreciate the precision, speed, and power of this 18 inch longarm, as well as its sturdy and quality construction.

Machine Features

Beginners will love the ease-of-use features - we've incorporated a range of popular features from the home sewing machine, so it's easy to use right out of the box.

3 stitching modes:
Includes stitch regulation and a special mode for ruler work.

Ruler Mode:
An 8 second delay is programmed, so you can move your ruler without the machine stopping. This mode also provides stitch regulation.

Cruise Mode:
The Cruise mode offers stitch regulation, and gives the quilter control for free motion quilting or stippling with a constant and fluent stitch line from the smooth, regulated stitch. Stitch length and speed is regulated by how fast the machine moves along the quilt top.

Speed Mode
Machine will stitch according to the speed and stitch length set on the setting touchpad. Press the start button to start sewing, and the stop button to stop

18" arm:
Finish 12" blocks and a King Size quilt

Built in Bobbin Winder:
Never wait for a bobbin! This means you can wind bobbins as you sew.

Fixed Gooseneck Lamp:
The lamp provides light just where you need it and never comes loose.

Built in Oil Reservoir:
Never get oil on your quilt top!

Cords and Cables:
All the cords are encased in the machine. No tangles or mess!

Improved Encoder Connection:
A durable resin casing protects encoders.

All-aluminum Body:
The light-weight aluminum body provides sturdy, smooth performance, and weighs just 47 pounds!

Stylus or Laser Work:
Easily switch handles from front of machine to back for stylus or laser work.

Height adjustable legs:
Set the machine and table to the height that is most comfortable

Majestic Frame Features

The Majestic Frame by The Grace Company Comes Standard

Pantograph platform:
This feature gives ample room for quilting pattern and a handy table top as well!

Four bungee clamps:
Four bungee clamps are included.

Take up rail features unique and easy to use hand-wheel for quilt advancement.

Leveling Foot Pads:
Fine tune leveling of table with leveling foot pads.

Sets up in king (120") and crib (60") sizes:
Both are included; Choose which works best for your space and your project. Optional 2 foot extension table to make a 7 foot or 12 foot frame.

Heavy duty steel construction:
The high qulity construction can easily withstand extended use.

Store Batting:
Keep the batting within easy reach beneath frame - don't fight with stubborn wrinkles!

Product Accessories

Included Accessories

  • Majestic Table - Can be set to 5 foot or 10 foot size
  • Set of Encoders
  • Bobbins (M Size)
  • Electronic Control
  • Vertical Thread Stand
  • Fixed Gooseneck Lamp

Optional Accessories

  • Majestic Frame 2 foot Extension
  • Gracie Laser Stylus
  • Pattern Perfect Templates
  • Start-Right Leader Cloth Set
  • Micro Handles
  • Rear Handles
  • Ruler Mat (15" x 59")
  • Open Toe Stippling Foot
  • Bobbin Case
  • Bobbins (M Size)
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